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Readers Are Leaders

I used to hate the saying, when I was younger, “Leaders are readers.” I must admit that it is true. I am one of those writers who doesn’t like to read. I read a tremendous amount of commercial text and news. I do a lot of academic writing but I rarely read fiction.  I was on a literary site last night, and I was reading tips from famous authors; the one that struck a chord with me was from Stephen King. He was quoted as saying that a good writer must be an avid reader. I growled in discontent, but I know he is right.

Working on a Novel

I am currently working on my first novel, and it is a fiction. I love to write poetry, short stories, and political commentary, but I have never written a book. I have a few stories in my head that I want to write. I believe that they are interesting, and they will sell, but I do find fiction a challenge to write. I spent some time considering what King had to say, and I began to see his point in this way: To learn conversational rhetoric, sentence structure, grammatical rules, and to find your voice, you must read how other authors do these very things. I began to feel a new excitement about reading fiction.
I am very excited about my book. I have decided to go the self-publishing route through an E-book publisher, and I feel like the novel will be a success. I have shared its secret storyline with some close family, and they all agree it’s a great story, we shall see. I wanted this site to be a place for literary discussion to take place as well as posting some poetry and short stories I have written. I hope you all enjoy Two Drops of Ink, and I appreciate your readership. For those of you who have a literary work, you would like to share, read our submission guidelines and email me at, and I will be glad to post your work if it meets our standards.
Further reading on this topic: This is a great website and has a tremendous amount of information about writing a book and getting published

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