Self publishing–just do it.

I have been reading some great blogs tonight on self publishing and most were written by pros in the field. Self publishing is becoming increasingly more respected and taking a bite out of traditional publishing. I remember the first time I saw a self published book. I was at a camp-out with some biker friends and this woman (who someone had invited) was going around the camp ground pushing an auto biography. Bless her heart! First off, no one knew or cared who she was; secondly, her book looked like one of those home-made cook books you used to see that the ladies from church made–bless her heart.

I know what its like to want people to read what we write. I know that as authors we have a real keen awareness of how much better the world would be if people would read our work, but, nevertheless, we have to put in the work if we want to have a shot at it. By putting in the work I mean that just because we can self publish much easier, faster, and more professional than ever before does not mean we should hurry through the manuscript.

I published my first book through and I highly recommend the site. I was able to do a really professional job of publishing and marketing my book. It was available on the eReaders of all the major outlets in about a month: Barnes&Nobel, Kobo, Diesel, Sony, and Apple to name a few; however, I also saw some really bad works published on the site as well. That is to say, bad in the sense that someone threw together a 2500 word essay that was in bad need of editing and called it a book. I must admit that self editing is a real bitch and I am no professional editor to say the least. It took me nine months to finish “Apples of Gold.” I still make horrid mistakes with sentence structure and words that look and sound alike, women and woman used to kill me all the time. All this to say: Take the time you should to make a self published work all it can be–not only for you–but for the rest of the self published world.

The last thing I wanted to say was–just do it! I know some really great writers, far better than I, who could write some great books but they are so afraid to fail they won`t start. I have one friend who is so talented and witty but he is frozen in fear when it comes to publishing a book. This guy has forgot more about writing than I know. I have always had the balls of an elephant and so I dove in head first–and man did it hurt *laughing*. I had absolutely no prior writing experience when I started, I was still in my first year of college, and if it were not for spell check I would have been banned from the internet. I wrote anyway and I took some real heat for it. I just looked at it as if I were in a writers group getting my ass chewed once a week. My best friend and I laughed for hours one night reading the obscenities hurreled in my direction on One guy put in a three word response to an article I wrote, he simply said: “F*** that guy.” Another guy said I was, and I quote, “An affront to the Liberal Arts,.” I swear to God I pissed myself on that one.

I still have a long way to go but I just keep writing. Every book I have read about writing has told me to “Just keep writing.” Anyway, I hope this helps some poor beleaguered soul out there who is chewing his or her fingernails to the bone before attempting to write something we may all need and want to hear. That`s it for now my fellow wielders of the mighty pen–good night!


S.W. Biddulph

Scott Biddulph is a published writer, author, and poet from North Georgia. He began writing as a youngster and followed his lifelong dream of reaching people through the written word when he returned to The University of North Georgia in 2013 to finish earning his BA/English with a concentration on publication and creative writing. His publications include the following: an eBook, Apples of Gold: A collection of inspirational short stories and poems (Smashwords, 2010) and a paperback, Voices from the Heart, (Createspace, 2012). His poetry is published in Papers and Publications Undergraduate Research Journal. Vol 3 (2014) and the award-winning Chestatee Review (Spring, 2015), among other places (Check his LinkedIn profile for a full list of his publications). He is currently working on publishing poetry, creative non-fiction, academic essays, and his memoir. ******** Scott has also worked as an intern editor for the University of North Georgia Press. As a freelance editor, he has done the layout and design of several books and magazines. He is currently working with several authors on various publication projects in which he is either ghostwriting, editing manuscripts, or doing the layout and design of their books. ******** Finally, and most importantly, he is a father, grandfather, husband, and dedicated Harley Davidson rider. He and his family enjoy the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains where they live—especially their screened in back porch where they love to bird watch. ******** ~ "I love realism. I love writing about the raw, down-to-Earth, heartfelt realities of life. I love to write in a way that reaches into the human soul—to take the greatest pains and struggles in life, and make them a blessing to others. Fantasy is a wonderful, interesting thing—but real-life situations, feelings, fears, and dreams are an unexplored ocean of stories that need to be told." ~ ~Scott Biddulph~

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