I Fear the Night

I Fear the Night

By Scott Biddulph


I fear the night,
Dark it is and filled with fright.
I whistle as though I do not care,
Yet, I know the night and I despair.
I fear the night.
It surrounds my soul.
Darkness creeps and swirls until,
As black as coal, and deadly still.
I fear the night.
Alone in my bed,
Alone in my soul,
Alone in my head.
I cannot sleep,
Awake I weep,
I ask the Lord, my soul, to keep.
But still, the fear remains so deep.
Yes, I fear the night.
No matter if a verse I say,
No matter if I kneel to pray,
I look forward to the coming day,
Yes, I fear the night
(Scott Biddulph, 2012)


      • Oh okay… I will use it in my retweets. I like it!! Do you want me to hold off on sharing the older posts? They are treasures. I love going into the archives.

        • No, actually I don’t mind. Every time I see you do it I usually go in and do a quick edit. I know that you’ve been enjoying doing that, and I’ve been enjoying watching you do it. So feel free to go ahead. It really just shows the progress I’ve made as a writer since the very beginning, LOL.

          • I do enjoy it!!! It’s inspirational and entertaining. I know others love it as well. Believe it or not the old work gets a lot of views.

          • Oh yes, I’ve noticed that people are checking out the older stuff, and once our site has been out there long enough to get indexed on Google, we will really start to grow, but our numbers grow every day.

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