I Fear the Night

I Fear the Night

By Scott Biddulph


I fear the night,
Dark it is and filled with fright.
I whistle as though I do not care,
Yet, I know the night and I despair.
I fear the night.
It surrounds my soul.
Darkness creeps and swirls until,
As black as coal, and deadly still.
I fear the night.
Alone in my bed,
Alone in my soul,
Alone in my head.
I cannot sleep,
Awake I weep,
I ask the Lord, my soul, to keep.
But still, the fear remains so deep.
Yes, I fear the night.
No matter if a verse I say,
No matter if I kneel to pray,
I look forward to the coming day,
Yes, I fear the night
(Scott Biddulph, 2012)


      • Oh okay… I will use it in my retweets. I like it!! Do you want me to hold off on sharing the older posts? They are treasures. I love going into the archives.

        • No, actually I don’t mind. Every time I see you do it I usually go in and do a quick edit. I know that you’ve been enjoying doing that, and I’ve been enjoying watching you do it. So feel free to go ahead. It really just shows the progress I’ve made as a writer since the very beginning, LOL.

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