Selling your soul as a writer

I was driving home this morning and I was thinking about some of things going on in my life as a writer. I have worked hard,  as many of you have, to build my brand, discipline my schedule, and learn the craft of writing. As all writers often do, I always pull out the old negatives–well look at what this author did or that author did–and I compare myself to others and their successes or failures. The one conclusion I came to was that at least I have not, as of yet *smiling*, sold my soul.

What do I mean by that? I haven`t written a series of vampire novels or cheap romance paperbacks *laughing*. To those of you who write in those genres, please understand I mean no disrespect; however, I know other authors who were not willing to pay the price of developing their voice or finding their true niche or calling, and so, they wrote in the popular genres–they sold their souls.

One of my dearest friends asked me one day, “Hey William, why don`t you write about blah, blah, blah,” and I told him I was saving myself for true stardom–true significance (tongue-in-cheek); but that someday I would find my role, my voice, or my niche. For me, that voice is in the area of human experience and true human emotion–the life and times of humanity so-to-speak. I love to write both fiction and non-fiction about humanity and its failures and successes. I love to write about things that have a “moral to the story” type of ending. I love to take life`s greatest pains and successes and share them in a way that connects with people. Just a thought I wanted to share.


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  1. I have thought about writing about paranormal and Science Fiction but my Biblical beliefs tend to take over. It’s bad enough people already have a false sense of reality. They don’t wan’t to hear nor read the truth either. I tend to see the conspiracy behind the lies.

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