Poetry break!!

My Love is a Prison

I awoke from a nightmare filled with cold seat,
It seems I am destined to live in regret.
You control me by night no relieve til` the day.
You stalk me, ghosts haunt me, I can`t get away

I reach for the past and I seek for what`s right.
I see only darkness, no child of the light.
I remember the good days but the pain is still real,
How much of my future will my past come and steal?

Please tell me my loved one who always remains;
How to forget you and let go the reigns;
How do I look back without the regret?
Will I be free, will I ever forget?

I shake in the night with a fever it seems;
Alone in my bed I am controlled by the dreams,
I awake and I reach but my love is not there,
I swim in my sweat filled with pain and despair.

I lost you my love, seems a long time ago;
Please let me sleep, please let me let go.
I think in my mind that someday I`ll be free;
Then there you are in the shadows with me

The mind is a terrible place to be chained,
The regrets of a life and a love that remain,
I miss you my love and I will until death;
I miss your warm kiss, the feel of your breath.

Someday I`ll die and until then ever be,
A prisoner of shadows, it`s you that I see;
Forgive me my love when I try to escape,
For a live without you I cannot contemplate
William Power


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