The Sadness

Darkness so thick it can be touched
No peace of mind within my clutch
This love that haunts me steals my soul
I cry, I beg, I`ve lost control

To all it seems that things are well
I live inside this private hell
To what end will all this be
My heart it seems cannot be free

I long to see your smiling face
I long to be back in that place
Where love was strong and all was well
Your body’s heat, your touch, your smell

This fantasy controls my mind
Reality harsh, the truth unkind
For when we were yet not apart
Your love was cold and crushed my heart

The magic spell, in trance I stay
The devils son with me does play
The mind is cruel and never sound
A ghost of you has kept me bound

The nights are yours no sleep is found
The demons chains rapped all around
The lovers spell will always be
A life of pain that won’t set free

The days are bright yet filled with pain
The sadness rules and falls like rain
Please let me have a moment free
Your lovely face I’ll never see

I long for death that will not come
The only rest, my feelings numb
Please set me free, release the chains
The sadness stays, my love remains

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