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Don`t Fear Rejection

Rejection…a word all human beings hate. A feeling of fear strikes the heart of all who face the dreaded prospect of rejection. I know writers, local friends of mine, who are actually very talented people. I have read their works, and they are really good. They are very descriptive, funny, heartfelt, quick, and full of emotion, and yet, they remain unread. Why do their works remain unread? It is because of the fear of rejection.
I remember when I first exposed myself as a writer to the general public online. I was excited, hopeful, and amazed at the power of the internet, and its ability to promote.  I thought of all the writers of the past who had to use traditional avenues of promotion; it must have been to get read in those days. I thought to myself, “this will be a snap, they will love me, and I will be famous.”  I know you all are laughing, and it is funny, but let me tell you—it was painful.

Pain: The Great Motivator

I had thrown myself to the proverbial pack of hyenas, and they were truly vicious. I was called every name in the book; my writing was criticized from every angle, and I was laughed off the pages of the internet daily, and yet, I kept writing.  Instead of internalizing these criticisms on a personal level, I decided to listen to them and work to correct my faults.
I read several books, and I even bought every grammar rule book I could find. I also knew that most writers have editors who clean up their work and that I was the only editor I had. I still make grammatical errors daily, and I don`t care—I still write, and in doing so, I get better all the time.
Finally, I decided to welcome rejection and criticism as a means to become the best writer I can be.  I recently submitted some poetry to “The New Yorker” and was rejected in lightning speed (laughing), and again, I learned a lesson—read the submission guidelines a little closer.
The purpose of this blog is to share my experience, strength, and hope with all who love the written word.  I hope to create a place where writers, readers, and lovers of the written word can share stories, laughs, failures, and victories.  I want to encourage those of you who may be sitting on a gold mine, a story of epic proportions, and the next blockbuster movie in waiting, to get out of your head and write it.  Don`t let contempt prior to investigation stop your dreams. Don`t let the fear of rejection stop your creative mind.

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