A poem with your evening coffee

The Cage with a 12 number combination
He was in a cage with a combination.
He lived in ways which he knew were not right,
But he was unable to find for himself liberation.
And then, he lost his will to fight
For many years he was lost with no path to follow.
He struggled to win the world to his ways.
Though he spoke to many—his words were hollow;
He was on his way to the end of his days.
He found himself in a cage with a 12 figure combination.
He had no more will to fight
But then he remembered his longing for self-liberation;
The lock was the key to his plight.
He worked until he found its secret.
His life had changed—God had a plan.
If you find you`re in a similar situation;
It may have, as well, a 12 step combination.


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