Mean people suck!

I was so motivated to get to a type writer this evening and get these thoughts out of my head, LOL, I could not wait to write this. I was speaking to a dear friend of mine who is struggling to become a writer. She is very talented and I have truly enjoyed her work when I have read it. She is shy  and does not believe in her ability to be interesting, or, that she has something of value to share with readers. I say all this to relay her first real lesson in how damn mean people can be.

First, a story: If you go down to Florida and watch people catching crabs you will often notice they have no lid on the bucket that the newly caught crabs are in. I remember asking a guy why he didn`t cover the bucket up–wouldn`t the crabs escape? He said that the reason he did not have to cover the bucket was because when one crab tries to crawl out…the other crabs pull him back into the bucket.

This is what humans do to one another; instead of encouraging someone or helping them to reach their goals or complimenting their work–humans, like crabs, pull each other back into the bucket.

My friend had decided to begin some writing on a blog. She then began to learn the whole “social networking” thing, you know, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and on and on. I noticed over period of time that she was struggling a bit and seemed to lack any motivation. That is when she told me what was bothering her. She had posted some of her work to Facebook and Twitter and did not get one single response from her friends. LMAO…I laughed and then I realized I she was not laughing with me. I apologized and told her the crab story–she laughed.

I felt sorry for her because most of us don`t naturally have thick skin. It is a real risk to bare your soul to the world as a writer. I have always had thick skin, you knock me down, I get back up. I told her of the horrible emals, comments, and posts I have received from the general public online. I told her to just do as I did–keep walking, keep writing, keep working and you will build an audience.

I told her about how so few people who we know personally ever really support or encourage us a we try to reach our goals. I told her that a “prophet is never excepted in his own home town.” I told her to keep writing, keep sharing, keep telling her stories and an audience will begin to appear–not family, not friends, not the people who know us best (although some will)–the others, that`s who will come…the others out their that need to hear the stories we have to tell as writers. You keep writing and they will come. For my fellow writers–you know exactly what I`m talking about…don`t you? Hell, even Stephen King was insecure about his ability to write–he kept on writing. God Bless–WP



  1. I love the crab story. Part of writing is forging into new waters, meeting new people, and finding support in unexpected places. While we'll always have 'trolls' in our lives, I've learned not to cross their bridges so I won't have my toes nibbled off.

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