What`s next?

Ok, what`s next? Well, I finally finished “Voices from the Heart II.” The first Voices book was an eBook (still available on smashwords.com). I decided shortly after publishing the first edition that there was an enormous amount of work I had done that I wanted to add to the book—hence, I wrote the second addition.
The world of technology is awesome, and, I have enjoyed publishing both eBooks; however, I wanted a book in my hand. I wanted to turn the pages, feel the paper, and see the ink. I looked long and hard for months for a self-publishing source. I talked to a few “Vanity” publishing houses but felt I could do better on my own as an indie author. I finally landed at amazon.com and their createspace.com site. It took me about three months to format the manuscript. I ran into several problems with word 2010 that took some real effort to overcome and learn. In the end–I did it, and “Voices from the Heart II” is now published and will be available on amazon.com within the week.
I started a story about a year ago that I am excited about. The story is a thriller and will be my first attempt at a fiction novel. The story involves three Vietnam Vets who are in their silver years and are retired. They are bored, although they don`t think they are. All three have the usual “bucket list” that all of us have in our later years and they soon begin thinking about how they want to accomplish this list.
One of the men—Buck—decides to get busy and live his dream before he`s too old to do it. He had always wanted to own a ranch out west and raise some horses. He hires a real estate agent to find his dream ranch and the story takes off. He finds a ranch in Arizona (close to the border) and disaster soon strikes Buck`s life. His friends Jack and James soon follow him to Arizona and the story takes the reader for a wild ride through murder, black ops, and a dangerous game of hunting where men are the prey.
I am writing as fast as I can. I hope to finish the book by this fall and publish it by the spring of 2013. The book is titled “The Hunted.” Wish me luck—God Bless. WP

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