Happy New Year!!

Hello to all my friends who wield the pen or love bury themselves in a good book. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I want to wish you all a happy New Year!!

Two Drops of Ink has been a fun blog for me. I know I don`t post very regular, however, I like to use this blog to share things about writing and publishing and a few cartoons here and there. In 2013, I plan to use the blog more often. I have been working hard on two separate books and have been slammed for time. I am currently working on my first fiction titled, “Twisted Ride.” This book will take the reader through an inside look at the dangerous world of an outlaw biker and expose the violent and frightening subculture that most people don`t even know exists around them in today`s society.

I am also co-authoring a book with a dear friend of mine who owned and operated a women`s recovery house for over 20 years. We intend to write a book that will speak to the issues surrounding addiction and recover in a new and modern format. I thank each and every reader who participates here at Two Drops of Ink. I hope you will help me in sharing this blog by posting it to your personal social media sites as well. God bless you all–WP


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