Poetry Break: The Raining Heart scott biddulph

Poetry Break: The Raining Heart

The Raining Heart

My heart, it knows both space and time,
A place that’s filled with thoughts sublime,
Yet often comes a cold gray sky,
And brings the rains of tears once cried.
And from a broken heart, it seems,
Comes shattered souls and broken dreams,
And as they move like crashing waves,
The setting sun my heart does crave.
And washing down the streets of life,
Are pieces of my desperate strife,
The rains inside my heart, it seems,
Flow ever forth like rushing streams.
And when the quiet skies return,
Again for love, my heart will yearn,
And faith will grasp at every chance,
To find again a true romance.
I’ll Forget the rains inside my heart,
To believe in love—a brand new start,
For love is truly a dying art,
A one true love will never part.
© Scott Biddulph, 2012

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