Poetry Break: A Soul's Dark Night

Poetry Break: A Soul’s Dark Night

 A Soul’s Dark Night

I’ve lived the dark nights of the soul,
When darkness creeps as black as coal,
The fear wraps thick around my skin,
I crawl and scream for dawn’s bright grin.
The day brings peace, I soon forget,
How in the night, lives my regret,
the bell, I know, will ring again,
The night will show my fears—my sins.
Relief I seek, yet never find,
The years, the fears, control my mind.
And if a God there truly be
Will he ever set me free?
The dark it comes with thick black smoke,
Across the floor, my demons float,
And in my bed, I sit and stare,
It grips my mind and claims its lair.
until the sun again will rise,
The fear and pain will scar my eyes,
And if a prayer I do not sing,
Will Gods redemptive bells still ring?
© Scott Biddulph, 2012

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