To Write a Novel

Boy have I had writer’s block lately. I’m working on my next book, “Twisted Ride,” it’s a thriller about the outlaw biker subculture. I also do a lot of copy-writing for clients. It’s a strange world going from academic writing to creative writing, and back and forth. I recently wrote an article talking about “NaNoWriMo” for Helium. I was amazed at the other writers talking about how writing a novel was not as hard as people think, and how it was made out to be a big deal, and blah, blah, blah. So, I wrote my article on the realities of trying to write a novel in thirty days. I don’t know about the other writers, but my article came from experience. I self-published my first book “Voices from the Heart” and I can tell you—it’s hard work people. The book is a collection of short stories and poetry (amazon link). It is only about 90 pages (approx. 17,000 words), and that was real work.

The Realities of Writing a Novel

I know some authors have succeeded at writing a novel in thirty days, but I wanted aspiring writers to know the real work involved so I spoke to some truths about writing a book. At first, the article didn’t do well. I suppose, like most other subjects in today’s society, people like rose-colored glasses. I didn`t tell the reader it was impossible, I simply listed some truths and some realistic game plans to get the job done. After some initial scrutiny, the article has since done well in the ratings.

A Labor of Love

The point of all this is that writing is work. It’s a labor of love. Sometimes we just have to push through the struggles and write. Frank Peretti (Christian fiction author) posted some really good advice about this topic on Facebook today. I had not written anything on my novel in a week. So, I picked up the laptop and just started. Sometimes when we write, it comes off as horrible—just write anyway. Remember, when you write a novel, just write, don’t fix grammar and all that along the way—just write. If we try to perfect the manuscript as we go, we break down the natural flow of the creative process. I just like to be transparent. That is one of the purposes of this blog, to share our experience strength and hope.


  1. Destiny,
    You put it so well in your comment. I`m so glad you enjoyed the post. I was amazed at the lack of understanding I saw in the other articles that were posted on Helium about this topic. While some writers are obviously more talented, or, are naturally able to write fast–most of us normal writers have to work hard at it (laughing). I hope you will come and share your thoughts again sometime. WP

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