Taking a step back


It has been quite a while since I posted here at 2 Drops. I love this blog. It has a small, steady following. It gets a comment or two here and there, but it’s a blog that was designed to discuss, share, and reveal intimate, realistic, and passionate experiences about literature, poetry, and writing.
Recently, I was struggling to write my new book. The book was inspired by a dear friend of mine that read one of my short stories and said, “You didn’t do this character justice…he is worthy of a novel.” I have to say, this statement coming from a published writer of over 30 years experience humbled me. He has been a “guru” in my life…a mentor…and a dear friend, and so, I began my journey writing “Twisted Ride.”
I came to a place that wasn’t quite “writers’ block”; but, nevertheless, I was unable to write. I know you’d say—“that`s writers’ block”; however, it wasn’t writers’ block as we all know and have experienced; instead, I was in need of perspective…a step back.
I decided I needed to read. Just plain old grab a book and read. I needed to read as a writer, not a reader. I needed to once again expose myself to other writers, their style, the way they put a sentence together, their voice, and their experience. I read some old stuff, like `For whom the bell tolls’ by Ernest Hemingway (1940), and some new stuff—Frank Peretti. I also read some indie authors, some good, some bad, and gained some perspective there as well.
I remembered some of my college courses and some of the books I had read by authors about writing that told me to read like a writer, not a reader. I found some answers. I feel invigorated once again. I realized that as a Christian, I was struggling with the narrative, themes, and language in my book. The story in my book is fiction based on true experiences. It is about the “Outlaw Biker” subculture and without the truth of the violence, strong language, and testosterone of that world—the story would fall flat. I found my answers in prayer and in reading other authors.
Not sure if any of you will relate, but that is the purpose of 2 Drops of Ink—to share experience, strength, and hope in the world of the writer.


  1. I wanted to give an update to this post. At the time I wrote this post I was considering writing a fictional book about the biker world that I lived in real life. I was also writing under the pseudonym William Power. Since this post was written, I decided to write a memoir of my real life story as a biker and the title will be twisted ride. I’ve had some people ask about this cuz there was a bit of confusion. I hope that clears up the matter God bless

  2. I actually don`t think that, however, his style makes up for the use of language. My book “Twisted Ride” will need strong language to be effective in conveying the true emotion and danger of the Outlaw Biker Subculture. Sorry for the Looooong delay in my response. WP

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