Book Reviews: `Spider Catchers` by Marilynn Larew

Marilynn Larew`s novel “Spider Catchers” is a page turning adventure from the first paragraph. The protagonist, Lee Carruthers (a CIA operative) is an interesting, unpredictable, and believable character. Often, female characters playing the role of a “tough guy” are over the top and cliché—not the case in this novel. Larew`s knowledge of her topic, the region, the lingo, and the world of terrorism is quite impressive and reminiscent of Tom Clancy in terms of its realism. Larew takes the reader on a fast paced, gripping ride through the terror networks of Morocco and beyond. Although the story in this book is complete, the ending leaves the reader hanging with a question—a classic and clever hook—leading to an obvious second book, and a possible upcoming series. Lee Carruthers is a strong character—one that readers (I believe) will continue to follow in future novels. I give this book 5 stars because of its originality, its clever plot, and Larew`s ability to write with great clarity and fast paced action in every chapter. This is truly a great book, and Marilynn Larew is a very talented writer.

William Power

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