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In the arguments surrounding publishing, in terms of self-publishing vs. traditional routes (etc.), there`s one constant that hasn`t changed at all—publishing a book is about making money. This is an important fact that is often treated like a subtext when discussing whether or not an author should query their work.

Let`s look at some simple economic facts. Fact number one: authors need to know their audience. Do you have an audience in place? Do you have the ability to grasp the attention of thousands of people? Fact number two: if you do query a manuscript, the final decision is generally made in the marketing department. Is your work marketable? Is it profitable? Whether you self-publish or query an agent, you have to have an audience that wants to read your book. This seems blatantly obvious; however, for many authors, this is an afterthought. This is the most important fact that should determine your publishing route


The mistake so many writers make in today`s technology rich environment is that they expose themselves too early or they are in too much of a hurry to get their million dollar book (tongue-in-cheek) out to their possible readers (notice I said possible). Unfortunately, most aspiring writers have the “if I build it they will come” attitude about their writing…..(Continued).

Publishing: To query or not to query | LinkedIn


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