The Importance of Writing

By Guest Writer:  Lydia Oyetunji

When I was asked to write about “writing” I was immediately excited;  not just because I love to write, but because there were so many ways I could approach the subject of writing.

It was initially difficult to choose one aspect, but I realized that was because all aspects of writing are important.

Writing is important because it gives us the ability to express a thought and deliver information, using words or symbols, and draw on a creative part of ourselves.

In the simplest terms, writing is: words and symbols on paper.  However, we have grown considerably from the old way of writing our letters, essays and greeting cards.

Writing is involved and evolving: we text, email and utilize blogging as well as other types of social media to get our messages out there to others.  We now write on a MacBook, IPad, laptop and Smartphones.

Conveying the Important Information

Have you ever attempted to express an opinion or provide information about a subject but didn’t know where to begin?  Outlining your ideas, thoughts and opinions seems like a daunting task for some; myself included some days.

But if I begin by brainstorming and developing various aspects of my topic, I find that I have a lot of information.Then I can start to research all the diverse aspects of my subject and that helps me solidify my writing objectives.

What is The Important Objective in Writing? 

The ultimate goal or purpose of any writing is to ignite a particular reaction from the audience. Determine the type of audience you intend to attract. What response are you hoping to receive?

The way in which you use the words in the composition determines the response of those target readers. Whether writing to advertise, educate, deliver a speech or entertain; the way in which you choose to present the topic is important.

Writing does not require you to be a creative genius or literary scholar. All you need is the ability to convey a thought or emotion in the form of words. Research and brainstorm any topic and write but don’t forget to rewrite; it’s not as in-depth as you may think, but it pays off in the end.

Writing for Others

I often find myself writing articles, advertisements, call- to- actions, and blogs, as well as other works for those who deem themselves incapable.
It is not that they don’t have the ability but that they don’t know where to start. Begin by writing down the subject matter of your composition that may consist of a compilation of thoughts, research, and statistical data.
Once you have completed this process, you can start to build your final piece from there.

My advice is to write from the heart even when including all other factual information. My joy of writing comes when I write using my voice and emotions, coupled with all other data.

And it’s that personal quality that makes my writing important to me. It’s authentic, easily understood by others and just maybe in time, it will have importance and give hope and encouragement to someone else to find the importance of writing.


Lydia Oyetunji is a self- employed Virtual Assistant, who is passionate about Social Media Management and Writing.

Lydia has fifteen years of administrative experience and ten years of social media management, and a virtual assistant for five years.  Each of these areas of expertise provides her with avenues to fulfill her love of writing.

Her love of writing began with reading stories with her grandmother. In junior high, she discovered her ability to create stories, which entertained others.

She maintains this love of words with the administrative aspects of her career.  With business administration and management degrees, she uses words to assist her clients in the corporate world.

What sets her apart is her commitment to being of genuine service to her clients.

Contacting Lydia:

Website: Chronicles Virtual Assistant
In Lydia’s free time, she’s relaxing at home with her husband, watching football (Go Patriots!!!), MMA, or college basketball. She’s also working on a fictional novel. Lydia and her husband are veterans who have traveled the world and still fulfill that love of adventure.

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