Poetry break: Time

The occasion for this poem arose out of  consideration for the emotions we often feel when we ponder the past. I’ve learned in my life that the past may be filled with pain and regret; however, if we are wise, we should look at these past mistakes or regrets in a new and different light; we should see our past sins as a gold mine of wisdom and opportunity to help others in life`s journey. 
“We should not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.” ~Anonymous~ 
Turning, I looked over my shoulder,
I was watching life’s scenes reappear,
when I looked in the mirror I was older,
with the cries of past sins in my ears.
The past feels like a dark valley,
or a dark forest where soldiers were slain;
muddy rivers from a great storm’s finale,
an old mansion with spirits, insane.
And how do I find a wise answer,
to leaving the past far behind?
Sin glares from afar like a dancer,
whose smile is erotic and kind.
Wave upon wave of each memory,
crashing the shores in my mind,
pushing the sands of experience,
into dunes on a beach I can’t climb.
Until finally the winds of tomorrow,
grab hold and they rush me away;
To a place where there is no more sorrow;
and my mind always stays in today.
S.W. Biddulph, 2014
 Photo Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/

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