Writing: An Apple for the Soul

By: Lydia Oyetunji

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth

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Seeking a Form of Therapy?
  1. How do you express yourself?
  2. How do you deal with anger, sadness, trauma and depression?
  3. How do you record your accomplishments, your dreams and desires?
I hope these questions make readers stop and evaluate how they combat stress or depression, record their positive endeavors or how they tap into their creative side. Try writing! Expressive writing relieves mental and physical trauma. There are healing qualities in penning the deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings within, or jotting down the positive aspects of life as well. Psychologists say writing negative emotions in a diary can trick your brain into feeling better.  This technique is known as the “Bridget Jones effect”.  Spending five to ten minutes a day regurgitating what the day has had to offer can free a person of stress, and can be accomplished by all of us.
Pen and Paper: My Psychologist
Who is not in constant search for that state of utter bliss? Why not just settle to be happier and medication free. The world we live in is no walk in the park, and we’re not skipping blithely through lavender-filled meadows, yet we’re all in a constant search for bliss.  Because of past traumas in my life, I needed to find a way to deal with those emotions and heal, and I wasn’t willing to be medicated or undergo extensive therapy to accomplish it.  I didn’t need something that drastic, so I turned to writing. The pen is my psychologist, and the paper is the couch. I write to remember and to heal.
  • I vent all that fills my heart and soul.
  • I feel empowered when I release the anger and sadness on paper.
  • I can also record the happy moments my voice won’t speak aloud.
I can finally state my truths on issues for those who care enough to read them. The words that flow freely and not so freely ease every part of my spirit.
 Continuing the Healing
Notice that life has its ups as well as its downs. I speak not as a writer who has done research but from experience. As a survivor of domestic violence and abuse. My victory is due to writing! Most times, I find it difficult to put down my pen; forgetting, that it’s not surgically implanted in my hand.
I feel empty when I don’t write. The ability to express myself, words are to me as oxygen is to humans, a prerequisite for life!
writing with inkJust write. . .
When you are sad or depressed, writing is what the doctor orders. Not ready to write for the masses?
Then make this your personal writing and you don’t have to show it to anyone.  What can you write to heal?
  • A poem, song lyrics or a short story
  • Quotes that speak to your heart
  • Whether good or bad, write for your enjoyment and healing
  • Let your creative side provide you with a release for the emotions, whatever they may be.
Not all writers seek to create #1 best sellers.  When you’re writing to heal though, you can still allow your creative side to take over.
  • Find pleasure in the growth and creativity that develops.
  • Write to relieve and express yourself.
You may just find that that apple a day concept works for emotional healing.  Write daily in that diary or journal and see if your moods, attitudes and thoughts don’t improve.


  1. Thanks John. Writing is my source of therapy. If I did not write ‘something’, I would be on medication. I believe writing can definitely heal the soul.

  2. Reblogged this on The Holding and commented:
    Whole heartedly agree – it turns loneliness – that farm life can sometimes cause just like any other area of life anywhere – into alone time with purpose.

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