Thank you to our readers!

From the Editor-in-Chief:

I wanted to take a brief moment to thank our growing and very loyal readership. We at Two Drops of Ink want to thank you from our hearts for taking the time to read, comment on, and share our posts. This month will likely see a viewing in the area of 10,000 hits. Last month our blog received some 7600 hits for the first time in four years.

Two Drops was originally created as a personal blog where I would share occasional thoughts on grammar, some of my creative and nonfiction writing, and the occasional book review. My dear and longtime friend Marilyn Davis contacted me last year and asked to write here on the blog as a guest blogger. First, I was honored because Marilyn is a damn good writer. Secondly, I wasn’t writing as much as I need to be so it brought forth a commitment to write once again.

That little relationship budded into the collaborative works of five writers on staff and other guest submissions. We have set out on the quest of bringing a new online literary magazine to the forefront. We will strive to bring you interesting and unique posts on a daily basis. We will also post creative fiction and nonfiction pieces, Furthermore, we will keep writers informed about the publishing industry on our Literary Agents page which is updated monthly. Finally, we plan to accept submissions from writers in all genres and to post book reviews on the site as well.

If you have enjoyed Two Drops of Ink please help us to get the word out. Thank you again,

Scott Biddulph

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