Visual Poetry: Isolated

Isolated by Scott Biddulph
Winds carry the reek of the dead;
Death and its victims that groan.
Lying scattered are the carcasses of the many,
But the Good Shepard will search out his own.
The payments to mortality are never ending,
The foundation of its existence is sin.
Surrounded by an ocean of humanity,
Alone with familiar spirits that grin.
While others walk in fields of green,
The Good Shepard sets out in the night.
Seeking perishing hearts and the bemused
He risks all, and gives all, for this fight.
Fear not little lamb framed in death,
For your Shepard is on his return;
Coming forth to apparitions of the dark,
They become ash as misdeeds must all burn
This Visual Poem was published in 2015 edition of The Chestatee Review Literary Magazine of the University of North Georgia. The Magazine also won first place in its genre at the 2015 Southern Literary Festival amongst 22 colleges and universities. 

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