A Poem: Possessed Remembrance

In daydreams, my love, I see your face;
I see you in every familiar place,
Memories of you are all I’ve found—
The Ghosts of us are all around.
In shadows, I run to catch you there,
I smell the fragrance of your hair,
A dream like state, bodies moves slow,
When I catch up—it`s no one I know.
That was yesterday—now it`s all gone;
It’s like an old lost lover’s song.
It’s true—I can only reminisce,
I long to feel your warmth—your kiss.
But that was then, and this is now,
I must forget—move on somehow,
I hope you also wonder why—
We both see stars in the same night sky.
Will there be another love?
Should I pray to God above?
Should I risk this heart of mine?
Or think of you till the end of time…

S.W. Biddulph, 2012

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