My Friend: The most popular poem on Two Drops of Ink

A friend is like a ring of gold
Its value known by those who hold
Friends are few and far between
Loyal, true, opinions keen
On dark nights when tears oft flow
At times in life nowhere to go
A heart that`s broke and cannot heal
To give advice, a love that`s real
Always there in times of need
Healing wisdom, words to heed
The brightest star within the sky
No price to pay, no reason why
A sack of Gold within his hand
The stranger walked into the land
To buy and sell, or some to lend
And yet the gold brought him no friend
In a life where things can rust
Where all must die, return to dust
There is no thing which one can hold
Except a friend worth more than gold
If you find this precious gift
That friend who truly spirits lift
Do not betray, do not forget
For those who do will long regret
S.W. Biddulph, 2011

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