A Random Thought on Inspiration

There are those uncommon moments when we wake up and we know we want to write. Do you know what I mean? I`m talking about those days when you are filled with inspiration, and you can write on almost any topic and make it sound passionate. You have words coming out of your head like a spilled bowl of alphabet soup. It`s like the creative side of the brain just had a fresh, cold shower and said, “Hello.”
I woke up in this sporadic, yet, wonderful state of mind today. So, I set off to open the flood gates of creativity with the hope that something good might wash ashore.
I decided to go to my favorite place to write: the third floor of the library at University of North Georgia. I used to love the local coffee shop in downtown Gainesville but the internet sucks and they don`t seem to care, but I digress. As I got to the campus there was a slightly cool breeze—a relief from the eight week stretch of 90 degree weather we’ve had in Georgia this summer—, it added to my energized state of mind.
I looked around and saw the new Military Cadets reporting for duty. Their heads were shaved, except for the females, and each wore a plain white T-shirt with their name and number on it. As a side note, I have to say that I love the Cadet Corps at UNG. It`s really nice to see these young men and women getting some discipline and structure in their lives early on. Anyway. UNG survived the Civil War. During the period before, and during, the Civil War the South had several military schools but most were destroyed or turned into agricultural schools with a cadet program after the war. UNG has survived to become a wonderful university that is growing by the semester. (Sorry…a random plug for my university *laughing*).
I stepped into the cool of the building and headed to my third floor oasis. There I finally sat, on my third floor perch. It makes me feel like an eagle because the view extends across the entire campus from that vantage point. The entire front of the library is one huge bank of windows with a view of the Appalachianfoothills leading to the great Smokey Mountains. The golden dome of the original, main building on the campus remains as a channel to the past. Dahlonega`s Gold Rush in the 1830`s. was the nation`s first recorded gold rush. The golden rooftop is a beautiful sight to behold from my scenic writer`s lair.


Today my den, my secret place, is quiet. However, next week the migration will begin. Back to parking-lot Olympics (believe me finding parking on campus is a sporting event) and fighting for a place of solace. I have to admit though…I love doing college at my age. I can appreciate the process so much more.
The motif here is that sometimes when we wake up and feel that surge of energy that is our creative side urging us on, we need run like the wind to our inspirational place and get to work writing.

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