Call for submissions!

Two Drops of Ink is growing by leaps and bounds. We will hit new and exciting numbers this month. We are looking for new writers that need exposure. We are accepting submissions for all genres (check our submissions guidelines page).
Good luck to you! 

Two Drops of is a literary blog devoted to literature in a broad sense. We publish short stories, poetry, and essays along with literary criticism, book reviews, and biographical profiles of authors, interviews and letters. We strive to bring thoughtful and unique conversations to our readers about grammar, writing, prose styles, poetry, literary genres, writing advice, and the publication industry. We also intend to post current news and information about the publishing industry and literary agents, as well. For information about submissions as a guest blogger, email the editor at: swbiddulph_at_gmail_dot_com. 


    • Hello Shabnam,
      I’m sorry for the bad link. We moved to WordPress last year (from Blogger), and we still have a bad link or two show up now and again. Our social media manager re-posted this old post not knowing the link was bad. I have fixed the bad link; however, here is the direct link to our “Submissions Guidelines” page:
      Thank you for letting us know about the link.
      Scott Biddulph, Editor-in-Chief

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