Transferring, Technology and Tearing my Hair Out

To all our loyal followers and readers, “I’m sorry.”

man computer image brain

In transferring to a WordPress blog, some of our posts did not transfer all neat and tidy.  In fact, some look like my eight-year-old grandson wrote them and couldn’t decide the font or format, so he just used several. That’s not how we want to project, nor was that how we presented ourselves at Blogspot.

Scott and I are slowly but surely examining every post to correct font and image glitches.  Link issues may take another minute.

Bear with us.


Marilyn L. Davis

Marilyn is a recovering addict with 29 years in abstinence-based recovery. She opened and ran an award winning women's recovery home from 1990-2011. Closing the house gave her time to write for a larger audience at From Addict 2 Advocate, where she is the Editor-in-Chief. She is also the Assistant Editor at Two Drops of Ink, encouraging other writers to share their creativity and talents. She believes in the power of words and knows that how something is said is just as important as what is said. She is a charter member of the Cult of the Paper, which just means that she's been reading for a long time. Also, she is not embarrassed to profess her love of words, wit, and wonder. Her writing at Two Drops of Ink tends to be encouraging, full of alliterations, humor and as one fan put it, "Generous advice and common sense." She is also the author of Therapeutic Integrated Educational Recovery System (TIERS). She is the recipient of the Liberty Bell Award, given to non-attorneys and judges for their work within the Criminal Justice Systems and in 2008, Brenau University created the Marilyn Davis Community Service Learning Award, given to advocates in wellness, mental health and recovery.


    • Hi, Richard; glad yours went smoothly. We’re all working towards getting things redone. Not my favorite task, but must be done. I’ll catch up on reading your blogs in a few. It’s on my slightly longer to do list. She smiles.


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