Poetry: Butterfly

This poem is the second submission from Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D. that we have published. We look forward to your comments about his poem entitled: Butterfly 



Born of love she cries,

As freedom fills her lungs.

True innocence, God’s messenger,

A journey of the heart.


Love makes all the difference,

As light creates the day.

The blind with sight regained,

Shall witness each metamorphosis.


Great each man’s potential;

So lost a soul can be.

A teacher and a student,

Nourishing and living dreams.


She is now a mother;

Many will cling to her;

The beauty of her wings,

A flower for the world.


© 2015

Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D.



Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D., DCC, DDVA, DLC, DD, NCIP, NCAMP, IMAC

Reverend Coughlin is a Founder and the Director of New Beginning Ministry, Inc., an evidence-based, twelve-step residential addiction recovery program for adults that is accredited by the A.A.C.T.. Rev. Coughlin has helped thousands of people to change their lives over the past eighteen plus years.  He is an Addiction Expert, Blogger/Writer at Addicted Minds and VIP Interventions, and a Professional Associate member of Gemini Behavioral Health.   He is a two-time World Champion and nine-time National Champion and State and National Record holder power lifter, a gentle giant who has championed many in his career.

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