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 Poetry is very hard to get published because so many agents and editors are subjective when it comes to their analysis of poetry. I`m sure that I`m no different, except that when I see clever lines, smooth alliteration, or a few good rhymes mixed with some wisdom hidden in the semantics of a poem, then I feel the poet has done a worthwhile work. If I feel like I`m reading a Mother Goose nursery rhyme, then I too see the genre of poetry being butchered. Here are three of Gerry`s poems. Enjoy.

Scott Biddulph | Editor-in-chief


The Coronation

Weightless stars drop silently like petals

From a distant place way up far beyond the night sky.

Winter flowers blossom and fly away

Landing like moths on the night, turning to petals, and rain.

To shower you in love over and over again on this majestic day.


Distant orchestras come together in a cyclonic, deafening crescendo

Commanded by maestros flailing wands from the peaks of the highest mountains.

Roll great drums! Make music for my Queen violins and cellos!

Ring through valleys and across deserts

Sweep up all the world’s musicians along the way!


Fireworks ignite the darkness with day.

Rainbows burst, more stars, come petals

Saturate you in light.

And shower you with my love on this,

The day of your Coronation.


Great Gods have come to celebrate

Smiling down they send their angels

To drench your glowing torso in rose petals

And kiss you gently as they settle,

While my tied hands give you a fond caress.


Every creature in the universe has attended the grandest ceremony in time.

Each gleefully holding a single rose petal

To weave into your hair.


My bound arms reach across continents carried like breath on the wind

To deliver you my heart.

Close your fist and make a wish

What would your soul like to find inside?


True loves lay sleeping snuggled together on the bed of the universe.

Calm is the Queen

With her single red rose.


Sun rises and all the petals have transformed into snow.

Still soft, still comforting.

But with an eerie emptiness of a dream that has yet to be told.

Joy is frozen in our hearts

For Love eternal was denied the throne this time.


Remember my sweet darling

You are now my Queen of Roses.

And in a palace somewhere,

As far away as near

I am your King.


The Joy Of Unknowing

Ah! To unknow the sun

Exploding into molten gold

As it dances upon your hair.

Unknow your perfume

That lingers forever in the air.

Unknow the orchestra

Playing relentlessly in my heart.

Unknow your smile, your laugh and the funny things you do

All the infectious parts of you.


Ah! To unknow the touch we nearly had

And the joy we imagined

Would fill our innocent lies one day.

Unknow the dream

And change it back into a mere thought

that was never afforded an existence

Except in the rantings of a /fu:l/


Ah! Ah! To unknow the fear of losing you

Unknow the futility of wanting to hold you near.

But, how can you unknow

Something you never really knew?

Or feel dessimated by the loss

Of something that was never yours?


Oh! The fact of not knowing you

Became the only part of me I remember.

I remember knowing it would never be,

I think you also knew, didn’t you?


Oh! Oh! I realise we cannot go back

And unknow what we have seen

And been and become.


We cannot chip away

At the sculpture, which is our life.

Cannot take out the bits

We do not want to be anymore-

It is too late.


I am with you

And you with me

In this dream

For eternity.


The Industrial Evolution

I want the rain to wash away the grime

From this filthy living corpse.

It’s dross filled pores

And a life cloaked in rust ridden slime.


Dumped grot covers me.

Exhaled from the mephitic breath

Of a thousand septic chimneys refusing to fast.

Spewing out smut

Drowning all us luckless souls in muck.


The inevitable residue of greed

Deposited by those with no belief in the End of time.


A planet of zombies

Wading through a mire of death.

Only waiting for the time

They reach the END.


Gerry`s Bio: 

Gerry Aldridge is an English sculptor and writer who lives in Portugal. He spent many years travelling and has published two memoirs about his journeys on Amazon- Kill Daddy and I Don’t Believe God Wrote The Bible by Gerald Freeman (pen name). He writes to share his experiences on this planet and to hopefully inspire people to follow their dreams, instead of settling for a life they feel they have been told to have.




  1. I’m no connoisseur when it comes to poetry but I know when words create magic in my heart, as the words of these poems from Gerry do. I particularly liked The Joy of Unknowing.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I feel fantastic because of your words- thank you so much..I want people to identify and celebrate their emotions, no matter how difficult..There is no Joy In Unknowing, but so much in the knowing X

  2. Gerry is bored of poetry politics- I love these wonderful people who own this blog- BUT I am so disappointed with all of this…freedom of controlled speech- journals that have all lost sight of the reason of their existence- who keeps a feeling surpressed for three months before they show it?

    • Unfortunately, Gerry, that’s the publishing industry. Here at Two Drops of Ink, we don’t publish anything and everything that we receive in submissions. We have rejected a few submissions; however, if a piece of writing or poetry has core elements that are appealing to a broader audience, I will publish them to give new authors, writers, and poets a chance. Good luck to you and hold your head up.
      Scott Biddulph | Editor-in-Chief

  3. Good afternoon, Gerry; I’m thrilled that you submitted to Two Drops of Ink. I do not write poetry, but know a good one when I read it. Yours qualified. Welcome to the site and I hope to see more poems in the future.

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