Getting Started with Social Media: Pinterest

By Lydia Oyetunji


In 1980 social media made its first debut in the form of “Internet Relay Chats” (IRC). Internet relay chat empowered us to send chat messages over the internet. Nine years later “Six Degrees” was created and evolved into a major way for people and companies to communicate. Six Degrees users could upload a profile and befriend other site users. Blogging didn’t become a popular form of social media until 1999.

Social media started changing the world and the way we communicated in 2000. Remember Myspace? Photobucket and Flickr were at the top of photo sharing, but now we have Picasa and Instagram, which are now the leaders by far.

In this article, I will explain the features and benefits of some popular social media sites. How these sites are currently utilized. Whether you are using social media to stay connected with family and friends or to promote your business or talent, this article will suggest which sites might work best for you.


Let’s Get Started!

Pinterest is one of the newest social media sites that has grown considerably in a short amount of time. Women are the largest group of Pinterest users, averaging 70% in 2012. The Nielsen study showed a use of ninety minutes per month. New research shows that both men and women now use Pinterest. Teachers, social media marketers, students, businesses and public figures like Ann Romney and Michelle Obama are users of the social media site.

Pinterest is a free website that requires registration. Pinterest allows its users to upload photos and videos that can be sorted, managed and saved. The photos and videos are referred to as “Pins”, the categories they are saved in are called “Pin Boards. Let’s say for instance your hobbies or business is dealing with floral arrangements. On Pinterest, you can upload a photo or video of your arrangement or an arrangement from another site and pin the picture or video to one of your pinboards.

Pinning content is quite easy! Download the “Pin It” button to the bookmark bar on your web browser to capture content from outside websites. Many sites now have the pin it logo readily available or hover your cursor over a picture or video and the pin it logo will appear. You may also copy and paste the URL for the desired video or photo you want to pin.

Pinterest user interaction.

Send an invite to family, friends and coworkers to join Pinterest or link to other social media accounts.

What are your interests? What is your company brand? Your pins give other users insight into your personality or your business brand. Pinterest uses this information to modify your homepage so that it reflects your interests.  The “Tastemakers” page recommends pin boards that contain similar content to previously saved pins. Adding a description to your pins helps with Repin frequency and search engine optimization (SEO). Listed below are a few of the main sections you would browse.

  1. Popular
  2. Technology
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Film, music, and books
  5. Food and drink
  6. Travel

Business owners would most commonly use Pinterest for business to promote their companies. They use pinboards as “virtual storefronts.”  “Rich Pins” enhance the customer’s experience and enables customers to view products, product details, pricing and customer ratings. Research has shown product sales are higher on Pinterest than on Facebook. Customers prefer browsing a company’s pinboard more than their actual website.

Why should I use Pinterest?

Pinterest has become an essential social media tool for marketing and sharing hobbies and interest with others. Whatever you choose to share or market can be promoted on Pinterest, which is the primary function of the site. Pinterest directs its community directly where you want them to go. Members of the community give you feedback by repinning, liking, disliking, and commenting. Use Pinterest Analytics to track your traffic is much like using Google Analytics for your website.

I have been using Pinterest since 2011. I have a large following on Pinterest and have not had any complaints about the site. It has been awesome gaining friends, displaying my work and blog, but also I use it for gaining clients. Pinterest is a social media site that I will be using for years to come.

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    Pinterest is different to most social media sites in that it was built around the concept of pinning pictures. Lydia Oyetunji takes a lot of effort to explain how Pinterest works and how you can use the site to your advantage, it is one of the newest social media sites and has grown to become quite popular in such a short period and as with every other social site does help any blog writer promote their site from both a social and SEO perspective. The other aspect of the site is that it is very easy to grow a following. If I am guilty of anything in respect of Pinterest it is that I don’t post enough, something which because of Lydia’s encouragement I shall do more of.

  2. Pinterest has a different approach to many social sites and it is worth spending time to understand how it functions, it is very visual. I only recently joined, having been a long time hold-out and am starting to enjoy it.

  3. Good morning, Lydia; wow, you’ve simplified this for me. I think I need to know why and how to use these other social sites before I take the plunge, and your post is just the information I need to explore Pinterest. Thanks for an informative post about it. Now I’m off to engage with those pins.

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