Facebook: The Leader in Social Networking


By Lydia Oyetunji

Since 2009 Facebook has been the leader in social networking. It made that mark on the social media world only five years after its founding, in February 2004. Myspace was the leader before Facebook socially destroyed its competition and became the most popular means of social networking.

What separates Facebook from the pack? What’s special about Facebook? Facebook is a 365 days a year and 24 hours a day social meeting place, in the virtual world. The site encouraging members to virtually rub shoulders and share life experiences, interests, events, and business.

Communicating with the Facebook Community.

Facebookers communicate via status updates, chat, articles, memes, and videos. People on your friends list can like and leave comments, and their friends can, in turn, read about their observations. How do I show that I “Like” something on Facebook? Below each post you will see, “like, comment, and share.” Clicking the “like” link gives the post a thumbs up showing the post is worth reading. When you like a post, it will then appear at the top of the author’s timeline.

Another feature on Facebook is to set up an event and send out invites. Facebook allows you to set up events and send out invites to your friends list. Planning a poetry reading is as easy as clicking on events in your menu, then adding all the details of that event. “Invite only” gives you the ability to choose from your list of Facebook friends.

Facebook is a place where users often put their lives on display, sharing everything that is important to them. That can also be one of its negative features–rants, gossip, and personal posts that are way too personal. Everyone wants to be a part of some social group. Choose groups that are useful in fulfilling the need to identify with others, your interests, and building your success.

Marketing through Facebook.

Marketing through Facebook is relatively easy. First, ask yourself these questions.

  • What do you wish to market?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your advertising budget?

The first step is to make sure your page (have you set up a dedicated public Facebook page?) reflects what you’re marketing. Join groups that share the same interest. Often these groups will allow you to present your work or products within the group. As a writer and blogger, I’m a member of a few groups specifically designed for writers and bloggers. In these groups, we post our material and promote the work of other authors, gathering the opinions of other group members on our recent blog posts.

I definitely recommend Facebook as an avenue for marketing products and growing a social network.  The sheer number of members you can connect with on Facebook can make for an enjoyable and productive social media experience. Facebook is still an excellent marketing tool.

Lydia is a regular contributor at Two Drops of Ink

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I am just what my blog says… I Live…Love…Share!!! I’m an administrative support consultant and owner of Chronicles Administrative Support. I spend plenty of time online working and learning new things. I love meeting and discussing a variety of subjects with people. I love gardening, sports, reading, people, animals, etc.

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  1. Good morning, Lydia; again, you have simplified this for me and let me know about some features of Facebook that I wasn’t using. I like how you have broken up the various social media into several posts. Reading about all the option in one long post seems confusing, so I’m glad you’ve decided to devote more attention to each in separate posts here at Two Drops of Ink. Again, thanks for giving me information I can use.

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