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facebI wanted to take a moment to thank all of our new followers and loyal readers here at Two Drops of Ink. The blog is almost five years old now. I started this little blog as a place to share my personal musings back in 2011. Blogger was our original platform. I posted irregularly at best. Most of the time I would post a bad poem or silly stories I had written. It was a garden where I planted seeds as a writer looking to find his voice. Nevertheless, the site began to gain a following. Despite my neglect of the site, it always maintained a following.

I never did much with the site beyond the description above until my friend Marilyn Davis came along. Marilyn had a desire to write after leaving a 20-year career. I began working with Marilyn in 2012. I knew she had raw potential as a writer, and she willingly soaked up everything I taught her or shared with her. She had life experience and was a seasoned reader; I had college training, a few publications under my belt, connections in the business, and a knowledge of social media that was foreign to Marilyn at the time. That began a partnership of sharing and learning that has led to success for us both.

In late 2014, she asked me if she could start posting on Two Drops of Ink. I hadn’t posted anything for weeks, and I certainly never posted regularly, so I said sure, why not? So I gave Marilyn admin privileges, and that was the beginning of the upward climb and success of this site. She posted regularly, and I would post on occasion. The momentum began to build, and we both were motivated to write more frequently on a broad array of topics.

Marilyn was once a student; she has now become a superb writer with a great following. I give her much credit for this site’s success because, at first, I had no plans or desire to build this site. She invited some of her writer friends to publish on the site and from that we formed a collaborative team of writers. We rose to an average of over 10,000 hits a month and had a high point of almost 20,000 last November. We were on a fantastic roll. It was an exciting ride.

At that point, we made a team decision to move the blog to WordPress for several technical reasons. The move was tough, and we thank those readers and followers who came with us.

The reward of moving was soon evident. At the beginning of this month, we were recognized by a prominent website as being one of the top 100 websites for writers. This recognition was a pinnacle moment for myself and the team. However, no blog can succeed without loyal followers and readers.

I wrote this today to give you a little background on how we arrived at this point. To share a bit of our story and to tell you how small decisions can often create a ripple effect of success that no one can predict. Also, to thank Marilyn, our contributing writers, and our loyal followers and readers for helping Two Drops of Ink to become what it is today. We respect you and thank you all so very much. I hope you’ll leave us your thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

Finally, to the writers out there that want to gain exposure, take a chance and submit your work and let us help you get your name out there. Click here: Submission Guidelines 

Scott Biddulph | Editor-in-Chief


  1. Good morning, Scott; thank you for the opportunity. It was gracious then and now. You are an exceptional person.

  2. Remarkable story of this partnership. I too would like to submit something but need to fine tune the way I write. Would you be interested in short story or a short story series?

    • Good morning, ptrikha15; a short story would be a good beginning. Fine tune and submit. We look forward to hearing from you.

    • Good morning, Shannon; thank you. We do work well together, and both of us strive to improve our individual writing and the site. That’s the beauty of good partnerships; both parties working in conjunction with one another for similar goals. If only some of my other friendships worked this well. Ah, I lament, when I need to be grateful for this. She smiles.

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