Literary Agent News: 3 Agents Seeking Clients — Science Fiction, Fantasy, MG, YA, Nonfiction & more


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Here are three new agents seeking writers. Paul Stevens (Donald Maass Literary Agency) is looking for science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and humor (both fiction and nonfiction). Danielle Barthel (New Leaf Literary & Media) is seeking upper middle grade, YA, adult, and nonfiction manuscripts. Tanusri Prasanna (Hannigan Salky Geltzer) is looking for kidlit, ranging from picture books and middle-grade to YA (including YA/Adult crossovers.

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  1. I hadn’t noticed the disappearance of the stand alone page till you pointed it out (I have been busy on several DIY projects for the past few days). I also come across this information from time to time as well. I think I shall forward them to your email address in the future so that you have them for the following month’s page.

    • I’m thrilled to hear that! One of my favorite professors from college taught me the wisdom of sharing these types of lists or posts (literary agents, etc.), and we have received a lot of hits to this category. I decided, as you may have noticed, to eliminate the stand-alone page for Literary Agent News and simply do a monthly post so that it’s easier to find. I hope he finds an agent.

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