A Note from the Editor

thank you blues

I wanted to take a moment to thank our loyal readers. Some of our followers, fans, and readers, are aspiring writers, some are experienced, published writers, and some are readers that love the various writing genres we post.

Two Drops of Ink is growing daily. We cannot do that without an audience that is both loyal, and that helps us by sharing our site with their circles of influence. Marilyn, Lydia, and I would like to thank all of you, and we are most humbled and grateful to have you become a part of the family here at Two Drops of Ink.

Finally, if you are a writer at any stage of your career, and you want to gain exposure, expose your work for critique, or just want to see how well it does, send us a submission. As an editor, I’m probably a little more lenient than most (as some that know me will agree), and it’s because I love writers and readers, —literary people—and I want to help writers get their work in front of readers.

Of course, we will still push writers who submit work that is not quite up to the quality of publication to rewrite their submissions. We strive for quality just as any successful literary site does; however, some writers that have been published on our site were at first denied publication. But, they will tell you, we worked with them to rewrite their piece until it was good enough to publish. This is a win-win for the author and our site. It’s exciting to see writers break through the barriers of their self-imposed limitations.

To our loyal readers, let us know if there is a particular genre that you love. Give us your thoughts and comments. And as always, email me personally if you have a request or suggestion. You are why we are here; you are our motivation!


Scott Biddulph | Editor-in-Chief



  1. You’re welcome Scott. I love being a member of the “Two Drops of Ink” family. Thank you for being such a great editor and an down to earth person. I’m happy to have met you and Marilyn. You have grown to be life long friends. Besties forever!!! LOLOL!!!

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