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thank you blues

As we continue to grow, I want to take a moment to thank our loyal readers, contributors, and followers. Some of you are writers and have successful publications and blogs. Some of our readers are aspiring writers that have expressed gratitude and compliments to our staff that made us feel humbled and keep us going at times when we don’t feel like writing, as all writers (at times) experience. Some of our followers are writers that have submitted work here at Two Drops of Ink and were published; they have become a part of the family in that their audience is shared with ours, and vice versa, and new readers and fans are found. And finally, some of our followers are readers that simply enjoy the various posts that we publish because they love to read.

I like taking the time to thank all of you, and I do so quite often. I do so because without you, all of you, we have no reason to keep going, and we would not have succeeded the way we have without you—our audience. So we at Two Drops of Ink want to thank you all humbly for your support, your sharing of our posts, and your comments. You are our family and our friends.

With all sincerity,

Scott Biddulph | Editor-in-Chief

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