Author Spotlight: Carole McKee

One of the things we plan to do more of here at Two Drops of Ink is book promotions and reviews. The exciting thing is that we are very busy with guest blogger submissions and other posts, and we thank all of our loyal followers, contributors, and readers for the growth and success our site continues to display.

One of our loyal fans is Carole McKee. Carole is an author of several romance books and moderates on one of the Google Plus Communities that we post in called Cap’n Joe’s #FREE #Promo.

We don’t accept overtly sexual romance posts or book reviews here on the site; however, these are charming, G, or PG-rated stories. We hope you’ll enjoy her new book, Now and Forever: A Collection of Short Romantic Stories.

Carole has always been in our corner as a moderator when we post to her community, and we want to reward her loyalty with a post pointing to her new book here at Two Drops of Ink.

Now and Forever: A Collection of Romantic Short Stories


I am very excited about my latest effort. I joined four other authors to create an anthology of romantic short stories. We are very pleased with the finished product.

In addition to yours truly, Carole McKee, the awesome authors who contributed wonderful romantic stories sure to warm a reader’s heart are Isabella Norse, Debbie White, Madge Gressley and Brandi Gillilan.

We are proud of our endeavor, and we hope the public will enjoy the book, and fall in love with our characters.

Kind regards, Carole McKee

Purchase Now and Forever: Click here

Carole’s blog:


07-30-2009 12;27;14PM

All of my stories take place in Western PA since I am a native of Pittsburgh. I began writing in 1996, when I lived in Erie, PA and continued writing after I moved to Florida. As a Mainstream Romance Writer, all my settings are real, and my characters are true-to-life people. I am very passionate about my writing. I do hope you will enjoy my books.




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  2. Hi, Carole, I’m so excited that we can feature your new book, Now and Forever. You are such a great cheerleader for all of us here at Two Drops of Ink and I’m glad we can reciprocate. I also like the idea of collaboration in books and blog sites. I think people want diversity, along with good writing, and I’m sure that is what you and the other three writers provide.

    Again, welcome aboard.

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