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As our regular followers know, I like to do at least one re-blog a month from Kristen Lamb. Kristen has been successful as a writer, literary agent, teacher, and blogger. Her posts are always informative, and her witty writing style keeps the reader’s attention and is very relatable regarding the struggles we all go through. This particular post hits on that very topic. Enjoy! 

Emotional Toughness—How Haters & Hurt Feelings Can Be GOOD for Us

Yesterday I reposted an old blog addressing how I feel PC and EC (Emotional Correctness) has gone more than a little crazy and often has done more to alienate people than to bind them. The thread had some really wonderful and thoughtful commentary. Not everyone wholly agreed on everything but everyone seemed to strive to be thoughtful and kind. THANK YOU, btw.

But some of the commentary about aggression and hurt feelings got me thinking about how we have become as a culture. Are we becoming too sheltered? Is it doing more harm than good?

Bear with me a moment.

I LOVE air conditioning. I live in Texas, so in the summer, I probably love AC more than my husband. I also love Costco, because….


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