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A Note from the Editor:

A couple of days ago, Marilyn, our wonderful assistant editor, put forth a challenge to all the writers in our audience. She asked writers, who wish to participate, to use the old chimney in the above photo as a writing prompt. Your story can be either fiction or nonfiction. We have already received submissions for this writing challenge; however, I want to take a moment and reiterate Marilyn’s call for writers to join this challenge. Why should you do so?

First, as writers, it’s always a great idea to practice using the five senses in our writing. In this case, the writing prompt is visual; however, I would add to the challenge that each writer try and incorporate using the five senses in their stories. You’ll find that using the senses as you write, creating metaphors, simile, and concrete descriptiveness, you’re writing will be much richer and hold a deeper meaning for the reader.

Second, if your submission is chosen for publication, you will receive the benefit of our conjoined audience which leads to greater exposure for all of your social media sites, websites, books, and writing in general.

Third, you will become a part of our growing family – a virtual writers circle – and your profile will be added to our Published Contributors page which will ensure constant and greater exposure for your brand.

Our goal here at Two Drops of Ink is to be one of the most significant resources for writers (both new and seasoned) and readers. Earlier this year, we were listed in the top 100 sites for writers (2016). I wish I could share with you all the comments and emails I’ve received from writers who say our site has been a tremendous resource for them, an inspiration to them, and that they feel like we are one big family. I can speak for all of us on the writing staff, – Marilyn, Lydia, and I – and say that we are honored to receive such wonderful emails and comments from our loyal and precious followers.

I hope you’ll grab your laptop and join then challenge. Happy writing!

Scott Biddulph, Editor-in-Chief

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Not only did Marilyn challenge other writers, but she took the challenge herself.

Image Prompting Prose: Writing for Me, a Challenge for You




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