The ‘Memoir’ Challenge: Tell us your stories

One of our goals here at Two Drops of Ink has always been to encourage and promote both budding writers and seasoned writers. Another one of our aspirations is to conjoin our audience with our contributing authors’ audiences, if they have one, to create a win-win-win for the writers, the readers and followers of this site, and for us—the Team—as well. Last week we did a challenge using an image to prompt writers to write a fictional short story. We had an enormously positive response and a ton of submissions. Out of those submissions, three made the cut for publication. It was a blast, and our followers let it be known that they enjoyed this event. This week (not that we will do a challenge every week) we would like to focus on memoirs.

The memoir is a very popular genre for a number of reasons, but the biggest one—we are nosey…like it or not. Why do you think reality TV is such a hit—it’s memoir in physical form. Our life memories are a very flexible and unending source of writing material. Do you have writers block? Write a short memoir piece. Memoir can consist of a moment in time, a day, or a portion of our lives over a period that tells about an event that may be of interest to others for various reasons ranging from shared experiences (for healing) to just plain entertainment.

A memoir could be the story of an hour in which the author was a victim of a crime, and that one hour, which seems like an eternity, when they went through the experience, can be novel length concerning the sheer material the writer has regarding that one experience. Authors can recount the agonizing minutes, the feelings from moment to moment about their very survival, and so on. This is just one vivid example.

Memoir can also be the story of a life experience or period where the writer conveys a change of direction in their life. One example may be a conversion from atheism to theism. The list is infinite if you think about it. This is why I’ve always said that everyone has a story to tell. Now, whether they will discipline themselves to write it or not is a whole different conversation.

So, I come to you, our loyal readers, followers, and writers, and present you with a new challenge— “The Memoir Challenge!”

Send us your submissions for the genre of memoir. Your submissions can be an essay about how to write a memoir, or, they can be a memoir piece. We look forward to your stories. Writers are often unaware of the treasure trove of stories from their lives that others want to hear about.

One of the best examples of this comes from a novice writer that is a loyal subscriber to this site. He contemplated writing his first ever post and submitting it here at Two Drops of Ink. As an editor, and if you’ve talked with me you know this, I’m all about helping out the writer – I call it, “Dreaming the writer’s dream.” Now, I can’t perform miracles, but if someone’s writing has a good message, and is interesting, I’m always willing to help do some developmental editing and send it back for a “revise and resubmit.”

John had never had any of his writing published. He sent us his submission after many weeks of going back and forth. I edited his piece and published it, and it happens to be the top memoir piece on the site in terms of views. The post is entitled: Sitting Ovation: Coming Full Circle. Congrats to John Gyorki!

So, get your keyboards out and send us your best memoir piece!

Good luck and happy writing!

Here are some links to memoirs already published on the site:

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These posts are just a few of the memoir pieces that are published on the site. For more memoir reading, go to our “search” box and type in “memoir.” Happy reading. 


  1. Oh boy! I wasn’t expecting that. Thank you again Scott. My prayer on this next piece is, I hope it resonates with the audience as well as the first one. Nothing like a little pressure. Laughing. I’m fine tuning it now.

    • Well, I think your post is an example of a budding writer taking a chance and having it turn out to be a success. I think those are the most important examples we can share.

      • Lets not forget the friendly encouragement we all receive from the Two Drops of Ink team! You guys are sincere in all you do. To me that’s a big winning share for everyone.

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