The Memoir Challenge


Hello, fellow wielders of the pen and keyboard, and our fantastic readers, we have received an overwhelming response to the ‘Memoir Challenge,’ and multiple submissions which have had me busy. Also, sadly, a dear friend of mine (who was only 26) died suddenly and unexpectedly Sunday, and I’ve been a bit of a wreck. I consider the followers of this site to be family, so, I’m sharing a personal tragedy to explain my lack of posting this past week. That said, I want to thank our loyal followers, readers, fans, and contributing writers for your part in helping to create such an enjoyable literary experience here at Two Drops of Ink.

On a lighter note, we just celebrated five years in the running this week. I began this journey in 2011, and I started on Blogger. Then we made the move here to WordPress last fall. The response has been simply amazing. We are on a steady path of growth in our numbers, followers, and contributing authors. Let’s give them all a big congratulations! I haven’t forgotten the challenge update (smiling).

I will begin posting those memoirs that made the grade for publication tomorrow; so, stay tooned because we have some great stories that came to us from this challenge. Again, we thank you for your loyal following and readership.




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