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Two drops of Ink was a simple, plain blog that I started about five years ago to post the ramblings of a novice writer (me). Lydia, our Social Media Coordinator, will often repost some of the old writings of mine which are sometimes horrible and filled with grammatical errors. She asked me once, “Should I stop posting these?” I said, “No, I think it’s good for our followers to see the progression I’ve made, personally, as a writer.” I’m not like most bloggers, or editors, who try and hide their wretched beginnings, or act as if they always had it together. I want to make this blog about “a shared experience,” a journey toward our goals as writers – together, and a collaborative epicenter for all levels of writers and genres of writing.

I originally created this blog on Blogger. It was easy, and I didn’t like WordPress. But, the blog, no matter how much or little I wrote, always carried a loyal following. In 2012, Marilyn, my dear friend, and Assistant Editor, came to me and asked if she could start posting on the blog as a guest blogger. I readily agreed; mainly, because I wasn’t posting with any regularity at all. I told her to do as she wished and made her an “admin” on the site to give her free reign. The site began to grow as Marilyn came into her own as a writer, and with her consistent postings. It was at this point that I decided to start getting more serious about my writing, the blog, and where we would take this adventure. We were on the grow.

We then began to take on staff writers and build a real team in 2014-2015. By the fall of 2015, our monthly hits were well over 10,000 and ran close to 18-20,000. We then made a move to WordPress, made a few changes in the staff, and our first month we were recognized as a top 100 blog for writers by TheWriteLife.com.

The big move from Blogger to WordPress blew our ranking on Google, and we made some errors in our SEO, but we have grown at a fast and steady pace because of the great submissions of our contributors, the staff’s hard work, and you–our loyal readers and followers. We thank you so very much, and we are humbled to have you on this collaborative journey. This lead to my main point: we have a new team member, Michelle Gunnin.

Michelle has been a three-time published contributor here on the blog, and her writing is both captivating in its emotional depth, but also artistic in its style. We had been looking for another team member to add more to our staff contributions, and Michelle popped into my head one day. I never sent out invitations to apply for the position after Marilyn and I decided to look for a writer. Michelle just became the natural choice, if she would agree. I sent her an email and after taking some time to consider the offer, she decided to come aboard with the team. So, please help us welcome Michelle. I know she will make a grat addition to our writing staff. She is truly a talented writer.

Contributing Writer

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Michelle Gunnin

Michelle Gunnin an everyday woman who is a writer, a wife, a mom of four nearly grown children, a teacher, a colleague, a sister, and a daughter. She is also a cancer survivor, a caregiver, and a recovering Pharisee. She has more questions than answers, and she writes to explore both. She is determined to be in the moment and live fully…both things life has taught her. You can follow her blog at michellesmosaic.wordpress.com

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  1. Welcome, Michelle. I am excited that you are now a member of the team. Look forward to more of your engaging posts.

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