The Poll results from last week: The Hybrid

By: Marilyn L. Davis

We would never discourage someone from participating in Nanowrimo, but we also know that it’s not for everyone.  To keep the rest of you honing your skills, we are issuing another challenge.

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve created challenges that attracted seasoned writers, new writers, and those who simply wanted additional exposure for their writing or site. But we decided that we wanted to know what our readers and writers wanted in a challenge so we created a Poll.

As it turns out, image prompts and memoir were equal in the poll. So, maintaining our philosophy of combining good writing with a supportive community, we’re combining the two for the next challenge.

visual writing

We’re calling it – The Image Prompt Memoir Challenge

We know that all five senses can elicit a memory, so this visually inspired challenge might help you frame a memoir piece. Not to leave out our fiction writers and poets, as long as it reads “true life”, we’ll consider it.

Never submitted to us before? Never written anything that’s been published? Not to worry. One of our novice contributors still holds the highest rank regarding hits to his stories.

That’s what we strive to do here at Two Drops of Ink; promoting great advice for writing, helping other writers grow their audiences and promote their work.

Now, if we can just agree on an image. Stay tuned. . .


Marilyn L. Davis

Marilyn is a recovering addict with 28 years in abstinence-based recovery. She opened and ran an award winning women's recovery home from 1990-2011. Closing the house gave her time to write for a larger audience at From Addict 2 Advocate, where she is the Editor-in-Chief. She is also the Assistant Editor at Two Drops of Ink, encouraging other writers to share their creativity and talents. She believes in the power of words and knows that how something is said is just as important as what is said. She is a charter member of the Cult of the Paper, which just means that she's been reading for a long time. Also, she is not embarrassed to profess her love of words, wit, and wonder. Her writing at Two Drops of Ink tends to be encouraging, full of alliterations, humor and as one fan put it, "Generous advice and common sense." She is also the author of Therapeutic Integrated Educational Recovery System (TIERS). She is the recipient of the Liberty Bell Award, given to non-attorneys and judges for their work within the Criminal Justice Systems and in 2008, Brenau University created the Marilyn Davis Community Service Learning Award, given to advocates in wellness, mental health and recovery.

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