What Two Drops of Ink Did for Me

By: John C. Gyorki


How My Writing Career Started


Almost a year ago I purchased a book called The Art of Work, written by an author named Jeff Goins. Personally, I think it was a very inspiring book. Many of the stories I read made me realize I needed to resurrect my love for writing, which I have not done since my high school years. After I read the book. I started to investigate who this Goin’s guy is. I discovered his blog that was devoted to inspiring individuals to immerse themselves in the delicate craft of writing. I found it to be a treasure trove of golden informational nuggets. His site contained generous amounts of free downloads and email sign ups to help you on your way. Eventually, I signed up for one of his writing courses called “Intentional Blog.” I was hooked!

As I tuned in and engaged in this online course, I utilized its resources best I could. I joined the Facebook group as recommended to interact with other intentional blog students both beginners and experienced. Mind you; I have never actually interacted online with people I did not know. At first, I consumed a lot of time observing what people were doing from behind the scenes. Honestly, I was afraid to interact. Finally, I managed to build up enough courage to make little comments here and there.

After about a month or so, I noticed a pattern of how individuals were interacting with each other.To my surprise, I compared this online experience to a real life example. I imagined walking into a room, full of people. Typically I would introduce myself to start some form of conversation. As time would progress, individuals quickly figure out who they connect with on viewpoints and topics. You tend to cling together as a group. Clearly, this is what I observed online. As I continued my observation, I noticed this friendly lady always commenting and encouraging other people on their writing. Day after day I would read and follow what she would say and read all of her shared posts and links. I resonated with her topics because I could compare it to my life experiences. I would read, consume and absorb her writing like a dry sponge.

Her name is Marilyn Davis. I saw her asking people to submit their paper to a website called Two Drops of Ink. My curiosity piqued! Immediately, I went to their about page to find out more. Then I clicked on the Our Team link.  I began to read interesting articles posted on the site. Not only did I hit a gold mine to help me in my writing, but I discovered what Marilyn was passionate about – addiction, recovery and how to be a better writer. I started following her addiction blog, too. More informational gold!

Finding Out More

My imagination likened Marilyn’s online presence to a high school guidance counselor. Always there to offer some wisdom or point you in a direction. I diligently followed Marilyn online and still do. I finally worked up enough nerve to remark on her comments. Guess what happened? She answered! Great! Now, what do I do?

scared-chicken I told myself. “YOU BIG CHICKEN answer her!”

So I did, and I am happy with my decision because it was a small investment that paid off big. At least it did for me. I continued to immerse myself in reading what Two Drops of Ink posted about writing strategies. However, I also found myself drifting into reading some of the stories written by others. What I noticed was the openness and vulnerability people shared.

Then it hit me! I felt a connection to these intriguing people because I could relate to their stories.

Now, I’ll Invite You

If you are looking for a place to get your feet wet, so to speak, then you found a great place to submit your writing. The Editor in Chief, Scott Biddulph, will review your work. One of many positive things I can say about Scott is that he will give you a legitimate critique of your writing. However, be prepared to be given an honest, respectful answer from him. What I like about Scott is that he makes his point quickly and makes candid recommendations of your submission based on his professional opinion and experience.

Not only do I appreciate Marilyn and Scott’s work, but also the writing of Lydia Oyetunji  and Michelle Gunnin. I would encourage you to read their posts at Two Drops of Ink or their personal blogs. I love the level of openness these kind people expose themselves to personally.  All four are excellent examples of showing vulnerability in their writing. Because of the team’s distinct individuality, I finally give myself permission to experience this form of openness to share with others and write about it. Why? I too have a history, like most of us do. I get inspiration from the site because all of the writers are willing to show us their human side.


They also encourage reaching out to other resources to expand your writing horizon and gain more exposure. Two drops of Ink offer great insight into using strategic planning for personal success. Honestly, I do take their advice to heart. The more I read about who they are, the more I appreciate them as friends who I can go to for writing insight and help. After all, they are one of the top 100 literary websites.

The writing team, in my opinion, is encouraging, devoted, compassionate, talented, friendly, generous, loyal, and dedicated.  They write to help all of us with the craft of writing, and I know they could help you. They do their best to keep this site in top form despite maintaining employment outside of here. I applaud the effort and life they breathe into this resource because we all gain something from it at no expense to us.

My Opinion

My point to all of this? It’s not about taking away any credit from Intentional Blog Writing Course because it is a great resource. They also encourage reaching out of your comfort zone.  It only means I found a place where I am comfortable enough to hang out and learn. I feel I have been welcomed into their virtual living room to sit down and share what they have learned and pay it forward to others. I believe their efforts benefit us all.

I want to make sure I can do my part to promote, support and share the resources I was led to use at Two Drops of Ink. Why? Because they do it for me wholeheartedly without asking me for anything. It’s a BIG win-win for everyone.

I do visit and investigate other publishing websites for possible new submission prospects. But for now, I want to hang out with my new friends at Two Drops of Ink. My writing debut began here, so I feel a sense of loyalty to help them as much as I can. Though I have never personally been in their presence. I still consider the Two Drops of Ink team my friends who I have met out of thin air. I hope one day to meet with the team in real time, perhaps at a coffee shop or a place of their choosing. Maybe we can sip a cup of fresh brew, laugh and carry on about life and writing. That would be real nice.

its-all-in-your-handsIn Closing: Give Two Drops of Ink a Try!

I’ll be honest with all of you. I was very nervous about letting anyone see my writing. When I hit the send button to submit my writing to Scott, I about passed out. No kidding! But I did it! You should try it! It doesn’t matter if you try it here, or elsewhere. Please try!

For me, the biggest takeaway is, “Failure only happens if you don’t try.” Someone may be inspired from you even if you don’t think so. When my writing went public. I felt really good about what I did and it gave me confidence in myself. It opened up new friendships, and gave my children a glimpse of what there ole pops could do, which inspired them. That is huge for me! Thank you for your time. Now get busy writing!





  1. I want to thank all of the writers and readers who have taken the time to comment on this post. John has been a real asset to our contributor’s community here on the site. His posts have garnered enough hits to put him in the top ten of all posts published on this site – what does that say to the newbie? I think it says that you never know who you will reach or who will read your work when you finally write what’s hidden in your heart. Another great job John!

    • Scott, as always I appreciate your encouragement and help. I’m thankful you and Marilyn help hone my writing skills and polish my words. I am humbled, now knowing I have done well on Two Drops of Ink. My heart is still full of hidden stories which are making their transition to words as I allow them to. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing John. I enjoyed your writing. Easy to read! I can relate to the “about passing out” feeling. I felt something like that when I released my book for the world to see. I was terrified. I have yet to step out to guest post. Every step feels scary at first. I plan to get there but am somewhat entrenched in other projects. I am not yet done with Intentional Blog, am in the midst of Tribe Writers, have my book being reformatted for Kindle, and have a story submitted for a community book (100 writers). I too have felt a warm welcome from Marilyn and have read a few things here. Being surrounded by a community of people who understand is wonderfully life changing. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Danielle, thank you for commenting. Congratulations on your book, how awesome! Yes, I agree with you. Every step is a little scary. However, I know a steady pace results in good and faithful work which bears much fruit in the end. I look forward to reading your book and follow your work. Yes, I agree, I love the atmosphere here and feel compelled to invite as many people as I can to this site. Call me crazy, but I love it. Good luck Danielle!

  3. Thanks Chuck! I had to say something for all there efforts. I also wanted to make sure, if anyone was struggling like I was for exposing their writing that they were not all alone. Just write and hit send!

  4. Yaaaaay John!!! 😃👏 Your post is totally awesome!!! I love it!!! Your swimming in the ocean my friend. I’m happy that you overcame your fear. You are a great addition to Two Drops of Ink. Thanks so much for the compliment. I’m so happy to have met you.

  5. Hi, John. Thank you for the kind words. We knew we were onto something with the philosophy of collaborative writing. It’s been a pleasure to watch you go from “Big Chicken” to a valued contributor. (I apologize for the chicken image, John, but I just couldn’t resist.)

    I think we do have that family feeling and you are one of the “members” that makes Two Drops of Ink such a welcoming place for writers.

    Again, thank you for all your contributions to the site, John.

    • Hi Marilyn, In the mist of my thought projects. I was compelled to give thanks for this site. You all deserve it! As far as the BIG chicken picture. I love it! I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breath. I thought about inserting Fog Horn Leg horn in there. “boy, I say boy, now get out there and write some chicken scratch SON!” I will say this. You are a diligent recruiter of the bloggisphere! Thank you for getting me over here. I hope this post helps others submit a post to give it a try.

  6. Congratulations on your post here John and thanks for the tribute to 2 drops of ink and the encouragement to other writers to contribute their work to this resource. I must admit I welcome the opportunity to submit an article and have considered doing so but in the end did not feel brave enough to do so. I now hope to follow in your footsteps.
    Thank you for sharing your heart and experience. You write well and this post was an enjoyable read.

    • Hi ladycee, Thank you for your kind words. I see you have written quite a lot on your blog. So, I applaud you for that. My struggle is to write more on my blog, but fail to deliver because I over think to much. However, I am building momentum and want to become a better writer and content creator. Eventually I will. thanks again.

  7. John, What a wonderful tribute to this site! Thank you! And you, my friend, are taking the bull by the horns…it is so good to see you put your stuff out there for the rest of us to read. Keep on going!

    • Thank you Michelle. I try to keep up with everyone’s post’s because I draw inspiration from all of you. It makes me feel I can do it. I’m still trying to figure out my voice and what stands out within me. I’ll get there. Little goals add up to big ones in the long run. I want to write more, but my job really does consume much of my time, so I do what I can for now.

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