Writing Challenge: A picture prompt that provokes a memoir piece

Pick from one of the images:

piene1 Image #1 (www.razkritia.com)

94294265_6099256b14_z Image #2 (alisdair jones)

287217_59e9211f4a67dc33cb5f84d208f150f9_large Image #3 (http://pixdaus.com/)

A note from the Editor: 

As most of you know, we did a poll last month to get a feel for which writing challenge our writers and readers liked best between the two that we did. The responses were not overwhelmingly tilted toward one or the other; the image prompt barley beat the memoir challenge. So, the team decided that we should do a sort of “combination” of the two. The new challenge will begin as of tonight – take a long look at the photos above and let one of them bring forth a memory. Write about that memory and submit it to us for possible publication.

We are excited to see the results. In past challenges, we’ve had some new writers – first time published – that did very well, and we’ve had some seasoned writers submit some excellent stories and memoirs. Let’s be real, we all love memoirs because we love to get a glimpse into the lives of others. Sometimes it’s for inspiration and a need to hear that others have walked a similar path in life. Others of us just love to hear about peoples lives – why do you think reality TV shows are the bomb right now?

The main point is for us, the Two Drops family, to have some fun and read some great stories. Good luck and happy writing.

Please,  send your submissions


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  1. I need to stop by again after the holidays. You site is just what I’ve been looking for! I found it because of Wendy MacDonald’s story. Want to take the challenge to write! Thanks for following!

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