Poetry Break: ‘Memories’

By Jeffery Thompson

                                                                   Water and Words: Ebbing and Flowing

Her eyes would sparkle to me

I only had memories of holding her hands

kissing her lips, kissing her head

my eyes would open, and all it would be is a memory

how powerful it was, was this love?

was this something that people live for and die for?

 I can see her in my life forever, my wife, the mother of my children.

I can see her across the ocean

I hunger for her, to feel her

the smile, the fights, its worth it

her smile can last a lifetime for me

 a lifetime of love I am willing to die for


Jeffery Thompson

Jeffery Thompson


Born in Saint Louis, Missouri. Selected Awards won in lifetime:
2008 OPSU all states 2nd team defensive back. 2009 National player of the week (Canada), special teams, 2010 national player of the week (Canada), special teams. 2010 McGill University special teams player of the year award. 2014 Super Nove 9th Brazil MVP, Brazil American football champion.
Entertainment accomplishments: wrote and published a comic book 2013 (Diaries of the Invasion). The comic book received positive reviews on in, black sci-fi, comic vine. Animation short film: Chance the Nightmare Dare, screened in a few film festivals, wrote and directed. XXL hip-hop breaking new artist 2012, hip-hop dx artist feature.

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