Writers: Gifts They Didn’t Know They Needed


By: Marilyn L. Davis


Writers, by definition, are people who string words together, and we’re not always particular about where we pen these sentences. I think this picture sums it up well.

But it’s Christmas again, and you’re struggling to come up with a gift for your writer. What if they are not inclined towards writing on walls or graffiti? Didn’t you give them a beautiful moleskin notebook last year? Are they still using their favorite pen from college? 

Never fear, the Writers Christmas List is here. (I couldn’t help myself.)

Wet Paper Usually Means a Lost Post

I know that showering and writing don’t seem to be compatible, but how many times have you been in the shower and got a sudden inspiration for a post, character, or the dialogues that make a passage work? I know I have, and I hate jumping out, drying off, and then forgetting what I wanted to jot down before I find a pen and paper. Aqua Notes solves that dilemma.

So, now you can write in the shower, but what about all the stuff that you’ve got wasting away already? From this point on, use a Mod Notebook. Just scribble away, send the handwritten notebook back to them, and voila, within five days, they’ll have your jottings on the Mod App where you can access it from your phone, tablet, or desktop. Of course, you’ll still have to make all those random passages into a piece, but at least now you know you won’t lose them.

The Contradiction of the Home/Office

Is your writer a stay-at-home person? I guarantee that they are torn between the writing, washing clothes, and waxing a floor. Give them a gift of house cleaning or send their laundry to a wash and fold service.

For writers who are at home with their children, give them the gift of write time without children. Take the kids to dinner and a movie and give Mom or Dad some uninterrupted time to write.

Create a coupon book that your writer can redeem when the clothes, kids, or stuff piles up, and they’ve got a deadline.

Reading: Homework for All Writers

There’s an interesting thing that happens to all writers. We discover that we either didn’t read, skimmed, or read Cliffs Notes when we were in school and that maybe some of those “old writers” actually did know how to write well. Don’t worry. There’s a remedy for being remiss.  This USB from Innovations comes with 2,000 classic books so you can start understanding what your teachers were raving about years ago.

Destress So They Can Write More

I know one gift I would love to get is a massage. Sitting all scrunched up at the computer leaves me feeling like my shoulders are attached to my earlobes some days. And no, that is not a comfortable feeling.

Give your writer a gift certificate from a day spa, and I guarantee that they will bless you with yet another endearing post. How do I know this? Because even while getting a massage, I’m thinking about a post. However, after about 15 minutes, I finally start feeling the relief from the hot stones or notice that some of the postural stress is slowly lifting as the massage therapist works their magic.

Look Up: See the Inspiration or Deadline

We writers are always on the lookout for inspiration as if the thoughts in our heads weren’t enough to start with, we’re looking for more. Some writers are visual learners and find their bright ideas for a post from looking at images or quotes from other writers. I have a muse board, and I get encouraged each time I look at it. Think this would work for your writer friend? Here’s all it takes to make a Muse Board.

  1. Get a cork board from your local office supply.
  2. Google “quotes about writing.” One site I like is Goodreads.com. With over 9,000 quotes about writing, you’re sure to find one that’s about your writer’s genre or a general quote that can inspire.
  3. When you see the quotes you like, copy them to your computer, and play around with fonts and colors.
  4. Print them.
  5. Cut them out and use either adhesive or colorful pushpins and you’ve not got an inspirational gift for your writer.

The Old Standby – Another Book

We also can never have enough books. We become better writers when we learn from others, whether it’s reading for pleasure or reading about writing well. Here are some of my favorite and most used books about writing:

Book Sites

Here’s a link to Amazon, for over 100 pages of books about writing. Knowing the genre, type and interests of your writer will help you narrow down the choices of a book that is sure to please them.

I’m also a huge fan of Thriftbooks.com. Just recently, I ordered a novel for $3.59 that listed it in excellent condition. I got a refund of my purchase the following day when Thriftbooks judged it as only being in good condition. That’s the kind of people they are – excellent customer service!

Plus with a wish list, I get a notification when a book comes in, a $5 coupon with each $50 spent, and free shipping with some purchases. No, I’m not on their payroll, just a loyal customer, who is thoroughly pleased with what they offer and their services. Here’s a link to get you started finding that book for your writer, complete with coupons. Oh, and if you see something for yourself, or your family, great.

Make or Buy Wearable Art for the Writer

Let your writer proclaim their profession with jewelry. Etsy has some creative necklaces, rings, pins, and charms, that if you give one as a present, will show the world their vocation.

I have a necklace that has about 20 charms on it, given to me by friends in recovery. Each of these charms represents something special to me.

This piece of jewelry always elicits positive reactions from people when I wear it. Each charm also represents a connection to a person, but I think that a writer’s necklace would help me in this phase of my life, too.

Coffee and Tea Mugs: Let Inspiration be Ever Present

Want something that they will see every day? That’s probably the inspirational must-have coffee/tea mug proclaiming their writing purpose. Write-revise-rewrite is boldly written on mine. Just a constant reminder of the ways that we improve.

Café Press is where you’re sure to find one that will show your writer that you care. And those coupons? Put it in the mug. Twice the thought.

Dress Up as a Writer

Besides wearing jewelry that reinforces writing, maybe your writer wants to wear a bolder statement with a t-shirt or a hoodie. Café Press also has a variety of wearable writing that if nothing else, will keep your writer warm while they labor away.

Deck the Halls with Writer Alerts

Is their tree missing a unique ornament? Might be if you don’t have one for your writer. Don’t worry, Zazzle has over 100 ornaments, so you’re sure to find one for that particular writer in your life.

Organizing Thoughts, Genres, and Whatever

And for the writer who would appreciate any or all of these gifts, but still want to record their thoughts, ideas, and inspiration in a more organized way, I like the Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes.

They’re 4 x 6, heavyweight, and I can add additional information, more ideas, or add links from research or an image idea after I’ve filled the page in my notebook. 

Plus, they come in several colors to keep fiction, nonfiction, or my memoir separated. And they would fit inside that mug, too.

My Gift to You

I’d like to extend an invitation to all the writers who read this, or family and friends of writers. We’re building a community of writers here and would welcome a guest post from new, seasoned, and writers who want more exposure.  

Sent a Submission? That’s a Gift Back to Us!

All you have to do is check out our submission guidelines and send.

Now, my hot chocolate is ready and hope this helps you in your quest for the perfect writer’s gift they didn’t know they needed.


    • Hi, Wendy. May you find a gift for you under your tree that does help you as a writer.

      I’m hoping my daughters read the massage part of the post. Hint, hint. It’s coming down to the wire, so we can’t be too subtle.

  1. Hi, John. I actually thought you might make a muse board. Course, you’d carve the frame, I’m sure you’re that handy. Me, I just used a bulletin board from Office Max. If you’ve been good this year, run to the nearest mall and ask Santa for that journal.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours. Saw the snow in your post. Brrrr. Keep warm.

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