A Note from the Editor


To our much-loved followers, fans, readers, writers, authors, and contributors – thank you for a fantastic first year on WordPress. The team and I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress in November of 2015. It was a big decision because we had a large following and a lot of traffic. Our numbers were good, but we knew that we liked the potential of WordPress and that most successful blogs used this platform.

In January of this year, we were honored by TheWriteLife.com with being listed among the top 100 blogs for writers. We were listed with some friends of mine that are very successful. Some of the names on that list are real heavy hitters in the blogosphere. That recognition was a boost that we needed to reestablish our brand on WordPress. We are in contention to be listed there again in 2017. Please click the link and give us a vote (in the comments section). Click Here. For those of you that are published contributors on our site, this vote helps you as well.

Admittedly, we took a hit in our numbers when we moved. We had been indexed by Google through Blogger since 2011; now we had to start fresh. Thanks to you, our loyal followers, we have grown and flourished here as well.

So, again, we thank you, and we wish you all a happy holiday season and a successful and happy new year.

A final note about our current writing challenge: we will take submissions for the image/memoir prompt writing challenge until the end of the month. However, during the weekend of Christmas and New Year’s Eve/day, we won’t be posting anything. If you have submitted something for the challenge that has yet to post, please be patient, we have been blessed with a lot of submissions. We’ll get everyone posted ASAP.

Going forward:

As some of you have seen, we have added a ‘Wall of Poets’ page, which we did to reestablish and uplift the important art of poetry on our blog. We also added ‘The Book Nook,’ which will serve as a place for authors to collaborate with our site just like our published contributors. We have become known for our inclusive, helpful, family approach to blogging as a relatively new and flourishing literary site. Our mission statement is to help others to become better, more successful writers through teaching, sharing, and collaboration. Our conjoined audiences and the sharing of each other’s publications, websites, books, and blogs is a win-win. The Book Nook page will expand this philosophy to books as well.

Our system is simple: send us a book for review in any format available – an extensive review done by a professional, or a recognized website (Goodreads, for example), and/or a detailed synopsis, and we will consider adding your book to The Book Nook. There is no cost to you. If your book makes the cut, the benefit for you is exposure that you would not otherwise receive, and we benefit by conjoining your audience with ours—win-win.

That’s all for now. For the whole team at Two Drops of Ink, I thank each of you for being a part of our lives, our writing, and our literary ventures.




  1. Hello Scott and your team of editors and contributing writers. Thank you for your commitment and encouragement to aspiring writers and authors and for the excellent and inspirational posts.
    I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and much success with your endeavours for 2017.

  2. Thank you Scott and Marilyn for believing in me and giving me the nudge I needed. I also would like to thank the team for believing in me and all the followers, readers of this site for their support. Have a great Christmas and let’s have a super write it up 2017!

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