The Book Shelf is Missing Your Book!

By: Marilyn L. Davis

We want to promote your book and we don’t expect you to pay us. How’s that for straightforward information?

We know what it’s like to sit and write and wonder if anyone will read our creative efforts. We know what it’s like to be a fern at the bottom of the redwood forest. But through hard work, good writing, and social media shares, we attracted readers, followers, and the attention of other sites. In fact, we made The Write Life’s list of top 100 writing sites in 2016,  and we’re one of their eleven sited writing communities for 2017.  We also made Positive Writer’s  top 50 in 2017.

Those awards certainly mean something to us and about us. But just as importantly, they mean that we have credibility in the writing world, which can translate to exposure for you. 

Because we wanted to create a collaborative site, we created the Book Shelf, Two Drops of Ink’s way of showcasing authors; giving them another avenue for potential revenue.

Our part is done. Now it’s up to you.

If you are an author, traditionally or self-published, do you need additional exposure for your book? Probably, and the Book Shelf can offer you that. The requirements are simple.

  1. Read the submission guidelines for The Book Shelf.
  2. Submit.
  3. If your book or reviews of your book are accepted, you get exposure, and we get to reinforce our tag-line, Two Drops of Ink: The Literary Home for Collaborative Writing.

In a time of seemingly little cooperation between people, this joint effort may just prove that teamwork, mutually beneficial practices, and partnerships can and do work.

Hope to be reading about your book soon.


Two Drops of Ink: The Literary Home for Collaborative Writing


  1. Hi, Lynette. We are hoping that authors respond with as much enthusiasm as you! Seriously, thanks for commenting and I’m hoping to get some quality memoirs reviewed – we both like that genre so much. Would you have any suggestions? I know you have a wealth of knowledge about them.

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