Poetry Break: by Gerry Aldridge

From the Editor:

Gerry made a debut here on Two Drops of Ink and went on to become an accomplished poet. His poetry flows, it has depth, and it’s even comical at times. He’s come back to the Two Drops family with a new submission of a few poems. I know you’ll enjoy them. 


I went out,
Stripped naked
To the cold.
And looked at all
The pieces of myself
I had not yet sold.

Satisfied there was
Still enough of me left,
I went back in
To the warmth
And safety
Of my nest.

Absurd Hour

Am I thinking,
Or dreaming
When I lay awake
At the absurd hour?

Thinking would mean
Not sleeping.
Dreaming would mean
Not thinking.

Am I awake,
Or asleep
When I write this?
Think this?
Feel this?

Should I sleep,
Or wake up
To find out?

The Bottomless Pit

Then came the hole.
A kind of drill
Boring into my soul.

Loaded with lead.
Designed to make me sink
And then think.

Supposedly, .that is the trick-
Get drunk,
Not give a shit.

I threw the anchor overboard,
Not thinking for a second
It would never hit the bottom.

My Raindrop Necklace

First: Why are your hands wet?
Second: I was making a beautiful raindrop necklace, when suddenly all the beads turned into tears.
First: You were trying to create something that could not exist outside your dream.
Second: I was only trying to make what I had seen.
First: Sadly, it does not mean it will ever be,

Your Smell

Diving into,
Basking and even,
Risking drowning in.

Those sensuous folds.

Breathe it in,
Make love
With our skin.

More sexy than carnal love
Is your smell.
The one I crave,
Beg to absorb
In. deep, long breaths within.

The scent of you
Does more to me
Than ever a touch
Has dared to do-

Nothing so far
Has connected me
More to you.

Your scent that lingers
Forever in the air,
Testimony to the fact
Of the honesty we share.

Perhaps a stone laid
For the day we dare.

The Last Wisp

Something has left me.
I know exactly what it is
And why it left.

Such a clean cut:
Expected, frontal, yet,
Has taken me aback.

I am lighter:
Logically if a piece of me were missing,
I would feel less weight.

I think you could run a train
Right through me
And it would not reach the end.

As the space inside me grows,
Less of me exists
And I am slowly vaporizing.

Emptiness swelling,
The last of me melting
Into a wisp of the never was.

The universe became us
Dissipating the lies
Until the day we are clear, blue sky.

(Gerry Aldridge © 2017)

Author’s Bio:


Gerry Aldridge is an English sculptor and writer who lives in Portugal. He spent many years traveling and has published two memoirs about his journeys on Amazon- Kill Daddy and I Don’t Believe God Wrote The Bible by Gerald Freeman (pen name). He writes to share his experiences on this planet and to hopefully inspire people to follow their dreams, instead of settling for a life they feel they have been told to have.

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  1. This Poetry Break has definitely fulfilled my need for the poetic word. I truly loved your work. It has been a while since you have appeared on Two Drops but it was definitely well worth the wait.

    • Hello John, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I am very happy you liked my poems I was fortunate enough to find this great literary blog and hopefullyI will not be a stranger 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi, Gerry. Welcome back to Two Drops of Ink. I personally think you should just wake up and keep writing. Although, maybe it’s between those dream and wake cycles that all of your poetic imagery happens – whichever, interesting, entertaining and enchanting as usual.


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